Sport Service USI/SUPSI.

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Section 1. Sport Service USI/SUPSI.

A Service for Sport and Leisure has been set up to promote joint sporting activities between the Università della Svizzera italiana and the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and to coordinate local members’ participation in national and international university sports events.

The Service organises regular sports activities, free or at convenient prices. As member of the Swiss Confederation of University Sports, it collaborates with the sports services of other universities and promotes national and international student sporting events.

The goal is to create adequate opportunities for the intellectual or office-based routine to be complemented by an attractive offer enhanced by social and cultural components. The programme includes courses and special events during the academic year, as well as between terms. The exercise of sports activities during a student's university years creates the conditions for these activities to continue even after the period of study, as a healthy and enriching life experience.

Officer: Giorgio Piffaretti
Assistants: Aniello De Lucia and Dalila Gervasoni

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