UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana as an organisation

Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) was established in 1996 as an independent institution offering a public service. It is operated as a private company, with transparency and efficiency. Its young and agile organisational structure ensures smooth procedures and fast decision-making.

The University Council is formed by the Rector, the Faculty Deans, and 5 to 11 members appointed by the Council of State of the Canton Ticino. It is the highest authority on all matters related to the academic and administrative management of the university.

The Rector, assisted by other members of the Rectorate, is concerned by all operational matters of the university and formulates all the decisions to be submitted to the University Council.

The Senate is an advisory body including, in addition to the Rector and the Faculty Deans, elected faculty and adjuncts, student, administrative, library and technical staff members.

Each of the Faculty Councils is entirely autonomous in matters of teaching and research.

A Board of Trustees collaborates with the Faculties of Lugano for an effective teaching, research funds and for integration with an other organization operating in the Lugano area.

The USI funding model also reflects the University’s autonomy. Funds come from different sources: students’ tuition fees, public subsidies from Canton Ticino, the Swiss Federal Government, and the Cantons of provenance of the various Swiss students. Research is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and European research programs, as well as by private institutions, foundations, and sponsors.

The chart below shows the organs of Università della Svizzera italiana:

Organization chart of the university. The chart shows the main organs of the university: university council, rectorate, academic senate, faculties and services.