Research centres

Scientific research at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) is mostly carried out within research institutes and laboratories connected to specific disciplinary areas of the various Faculties.
Institutes and laboratories offer a well-focused, efficient and familiar research environments, in close collaboration with the scholars researching in other institute or faculties, and with international scientific partners. Close ties between public and private institutions and scientific projects addressing demands at local, national, and international level. A rich programme of cultural events makes the results of research available available to the general audience.

Academy of Architecture

> Institutes
Archive of the Modern
Institute for the Contemporary Urban Project (i.CUP)

> Laboratories
Laboratory for the History of the Alps (LabiSAlp)

Faculty of Economics

> Institutes
Institute for Economic Research (IRE)
Institute of Management (IMA)
Institute of Finance (IFin)
Institute of Economics (IdEP)
Law Institute (IDUSI)

> Laboratories
Advanced Management Centre (AMC)
Center for Economic and Political Research on Aging (CEPRA)
Centre for Organisational Research (CORe)
Centre for the Observation of Economic Dynamics (PanelCODE)
Tourism Observatory (O-Tur)
Observatory of Economic Policy (O-Pol)
Social Network Analysis Research Center (SoNAR-C)
Humanitarian Operations Research Center (HORC)

Faculty of Communication Sciences

> Institutes
Institute for Communication Technologies (ITC)
Institute for Media and Journalism (IMeG)
Institute for Public Communication (ICP)
Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics (IALS)
Institute of Communication and Health (ICH)
Institute of Italian Studies (ISI)
Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA)

China Media Observatory (CMO)
Center for Civic Studies (LSC)
Ethics and Communication Law Center (ECLC)
Laboratorio per l’Argomentazione nei Contesti della Pubblica Sfera (LaCoPS)
New Media in Education Laboratory (NewMinE Lab)
Swiss Corporate Communication and Public Relations Observatory (SCCPRO)
Technology Enhanced Communication Laboratory (TEC-Lab)
The European Journalism Observatory (EJO)

Faculty of Informatics
Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI)
Institute of Computational Sciences (ICS)


Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB)