UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is part of USI's standing committees (art. 18 par. 2 lett. f Statute USI). It has the purpose of raising awareness of ethical principles in the community and putting them into practice.

On one hand, the Ethics Committee is in charge of examining and approving under an ethical point of view all research projects and scientific publications that do not fall within the Cantonal Ethics Committee's responsibilities. The committee's review of projects and publications follows all national and international requirements in the field of scientific research (cf. ASS, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences guidelines on scientific integrity).

Applications for review must be sent in writing to:

Comitato Etico dell'USI
c/o Istituto di Diritto dell'USI
att. Dr. Federica De Rossa Gisimundo
Via G. Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

And in .pdf via e-mail: federica.de.rossa@usi.ch.

All applications should be written in Italian (possibly in another Swiss official language or in English), signed by the applicant and handed in with all information material necessary for a complete examination.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for all reports concerning suspected cases of plagiarism or any other scientific misconduct by staff and faculty.

Misconduct in science occurs for example when an employee forges, conceals or makes up research datas, or claims a right as co-author of a publication without providing any essential contribution. It also occurs with the wrongful appropriation of someone else's words, ideas, researches or scientific discoveries (plagiarism). In this regard, the art. 25 of the Regulations on general working conditions for faculty at the Università della Svizzera italiana requires the employee to personally perform the work assigned with due care in order to loyally protect the university's legitimate interests. In particular, the employee has to follow the highest ethical standards while selecting and adopting research  methodologies, as well while circulating and using results. He is asked to acknowledge in the form of quotation any intellectual debt of any third party contribution. Each collaborator has the duty to report to the Ethics Committee every alleged case of plagiarism or other known misconduct. Confidentiality on the plaintiff identity is guaranteed.

In respect of such confidentiality, the Ethics Committee will handle all internal requests and notify the University Council regarding any action to be taken against the collaborator (art. 51a of USI's Statute provides that the University Council may reprimand, suspend or, in severe cases including plagiarism, fire the employee, ordering to withdraw the publication made available to the public as a result of the misconduct)

The Ethics Committee offices are at IDUSI and its members are:

  • Dr. Federica De Rossa Gisimundo (president)
  • Dr. Davide Cerutti (member)
  • Dr. Andrea Pedroli (member)

Assistance for research projects is provided by the following delegates of USI's faculty:

  • Communication Sciences: Prof. Peter Seele and Prof. Andrea Rocci
  • Economics: Prof. Filippo Wezel and Prof. Antonietta Mira
  • Informatics: Prof. Marc Langheinrich and Prof. Illia Horenko
  • Academy of Architecture: n.a.