Research at UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana

Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) is involved - with a strong multi-disciplinary approach - in several dynamic and competitive research programs, covering a variety of topics.

An international academic body, from different disciplines and backgrounds, leads ambitious and innovative research programmes within each of the 4 faculties (Communication Sciences, Economics, Informatics and Architecture), and across faculties. Scientific research is mainly funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Framework Programmes of the European Commission. Private Foundations, Corporate research and Administrations (at national and international level) provide additional funding. USI thus responds to the country’s strategic demands for international and well qualified research, as well as to the region’s local needs for immediate high-quality solutions.

A growing number of PhD candidates and young researchers pursue their academic careers at USI, taking advantage of a worldwide network of collaborations established through the years by USI’s many research institutes and laboratories. An agile and fast organization, the cosmopolitan and at the same time familiar atmosphere, and the abundance of multi-disciplinary stimuli contribute to create for researchers the ideal conditions to develop successful careers. The multi-disciplinary approach is a distinctive aspect of research at USI, favoured by the rich diversity of its faculty members, both in their background and in their cultural interests: researchers can easily meet colleagues of different, but related, fields; they are encouraged to discuss, exchange ideas and competences, work in synergy, and develop advanced, ground-breaking research programs, in response to the challenges of the third millennium.