Blogs at University of Lugano

The online channels of people who study and work at USI, revealing more of USI's personal side.
The Blogs are like web diaries that keep you up-to-date with the latest news and interesting insights from USI community members. Some of the Blogs in this section provide commentary or news on a particular subject while others are more about individuals.

Lorenzo Cantoni's blog

Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni

Lorenzo Cantoni’s Blog on internet and elearning. Prof. Cantoni is the director of the laboratory for New Media in Education (NewMinE Lab).

Davide Bolchini's blog

Davide Bolchini

Davide Bolchini’s blog with resources and updates on interactive communication, usability and design research and practices.

Marco Faré's blog

Marco Faré

Marco Faré's blog on communication technologies and search engines.

Institute of Italian Studies blog

Institute of Italian Studies

The blog of Institute of Italian Studies.

Master in International Tourism blog

Master in International Tourism

The blog of the Master students in International Tourism.