Programme's Features

Overall, the programme has a few unique features: 

  • Courses that provide solid basic theoretical knowledge of communication sciences.
    To understand the increasingly complex universe of communication and to be able to interpret change;
  • Courses, in the same way as workshops or skills, that provide applicable tools and spendable both during the course and in the world of work.
    To know how to do and to know how to transform theory into practice;
  • About languages. If you do not already have an advanced B2 level of English, courses are offered to bridge this gap and acquire internationally recognised certificates. Other language courses are offered as an option.
    To master English and other languages and thus have a competitive advantage in culture and business;
  • Various training methods and opportunities: traditional ex-cathedra lessons, workshops, seminars, individual and group work, company visits and other teaching methods are part of the course.
    To know how to work individually and in groups and to be flexible in the way you learn;
  • Optional structured exchanges with other universities: in the fifth semester, each specialisation offers to possibility to spend a semester in one or more universities.
    To delve into prestigious cultural and academic realities and improve foreign languages.