Advanced Modelling in Psychology

This course is designed to broaden and enrich the student's knowledge and understanding of statistical techniques used for the analysis of multivariate data in the social sciences.

Moreover, the course aims at helping students to develop the necessary practical skills required for their basic application. Through lectures and laboratory sessions, the course provides students with relevant knowledge of major techniques for multivariate analysis, their respective uses and usefulness, and their relevance for the study of contemporary social science research issues.

Starting from generalized linear models, most of the course will be devoted to the presentation of topics such as principal component analysis and factor analysis as tools for reducing the number of measured variables to a smaller number of scores, uncovering data structure and underlying factors.

Cluster techniques will be also illustrated. The course will also cover general principles and application of multilevel modelling. An introduction to R will be provided and labs will be done using this statistical software.

Seminars on advanced topics in applied statistics for social sciences will be also organized.

Course instructor: Dr. Brombin

Semester: Spring