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MSc in Communication, Management and Health

A-13, Red Building

Efficacy of Health Communication via Media

Prof. Anne-Linda Camerini


The rapid diffusion of mass media – print, radio, and TV – at the beginning of the 20th century has opened new ways to disseminate health-related information in a timely manner to a broader audience. Eventually, the development of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile media has enabled yet another possibility of both mass and interpersonal mediated communication about health-related topics, blurring the boundaries between health information producer and consumer. This scenario makes media knowledge and competence to deal with diverse media fundamental for delivering and using health communication messages effectively, from traditional public health campaigns to eHealth and mHealth interventions. This course provides students with both a theoretical and practical knowledge of the role played by traditional and new media in the context of health communication, alternating front lectures and group discussions.

A-33, Red Building

Qualitative Methods in Public Health
Dr. Marta Fadda


Why is a small community in Canton Vaud strongly against the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination? How do Somali women experience a diagnosis of breast cancer? How do intensive care unit professionals cope with severe burnout? Qualitative research seeks to answer questions regarding social phenomena so that we can better understand our world and why things are the way they look like. In this course, you will learn the principles and practice of qualitative research in the healthcare context.

253, Main Building

Social Marketing

Prof. Suzanne Suggs


This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles, practices, and evidence in social marketing. Social marketing focuses on creating social change and social innovation through behavior change communication, policy, and environmental changes. It addresses health, environment, political, sustainability and other social issues.

In this course, students gain understanding of social marketing from a theoretical perspective. Students also learn to apply what they learned, moving from theory to practice, gaining experience and competences in doing social marketing research and practice.

Key concepts, conceptual frameworks, and theories in social marketing and their implications on social issues will be examined through a problem-centered approach to learning.