Teaching Mobility opportunity at Kozminski University


International Relations and Study abroad Service

8 April 2019

Staff mobility for teaching is the mobility of lecturers who, for the purposes of teaching, spend a limited period at a European partner institution of their home university.

Since 2011, USI’s Faculty of Economics successfully collaborates with Kozminski University (KU) in Warsaw in the framework of student mobility (SEMP programme, former Erasmus). KU wishes now to strengthen the partnership between with USI by offering USI teaching staff the possibility to visit them under the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility, any week from October until December 2019. In particular, colleagues in the business administration area or close to it.

We therefore extend this invitation to all teaching staff at the Faculty of Economics for further consideration, and we remain available for any additional question. The application (available at [email protected]) should include information about the planned teaching program (the topics of classes) that the visiting academic staff plans to deliver (for a total of 8 - 10 hours), as well as the period of stay at KU and an up to date Curriculum Vitae.

Our colleagues at Kozminski do wish that the two universities will be able to extend the collaboration to the area of research as well, a domain that it is worth exploring on an academic level. During the visit, KU will organize the meetings with relevant departments.

We do hope that this offer will be of interest for our professors at the Faculty of Economics.

Additional information about the academic staff mobility is available at https://www.desk.usi.ch/en/academic-staff-mobility