Alumni take over the class


Alumni Service

10 April 2019

The Visiting Alumni program allows USI graduates to return to the University and talk about their professional career to current students. These visits are always highly appreciated both by students, who can take advantage of these moments to learn how the world of work actually works and to do networking, and by alumni who can tell their own post university experience and advise future graduates.

During the spring semester 2019 there have already been numerous graduates who have returned to USI to talk about their professional experience.

In class:

  • Francesco Trachsel (MFin, 2007 – Accenture, Consultant, Zurich), on the occasion of Accenture's visit, told students about his current role in the company, and the path taken after his studies at USI.

During the Master Info Day 2019:

  • Giulia Giardina (PMP, 2018 – Cardiocentro, Collaboratrice finanze e contabilità, Lugano);
  • Anna Rossi (PMP, 2019 – USI, Laureanda, Lugano);
  • Nicolò Mattioli (MFC, 2015 - Cornèr Banca, Relationship Manager, Lugano);
  • Federico Chiti (MFin, 2009 – UBS, Associate Director Internal Audit, Lugano);
  • Elisabetta Galli (MBF, 2011 e Bachelor in Scienze economiche, 2007 - Financial Technologies, Head Analyst, Lugano);
  • David Diotti (MEPIN, 2009 - Credit Suisse, VP Corporate & Investment Banking & Consulente clientela commerciale, Chiasso);
  • Veronica Grassi (MEP, 2017 - University of St. Gallen, PhD Economics, St. Gallen);
  • Luca Balzarini (MMG, 2008 - VF International, Sr. Partnership Manager, Stabio);
  • Geo Medolago (MCMH, 2015 - Helsinn Healthcare, Communication Specialist, Pambio-Noranco);
  • Andrea Borghesi (MCMH, 2016 – ESMO, Programme Department, Lugano);
  • Dario Ansaldi (MgM, 2015 – RSI, Channel Manager Social Media, Lugano);
  • Daniele Cereghetti (MT, 2010 - Zimex Aviation, CEO, Zurich);
  • Valentina Bianchi (Mcc, 2018 – ESMO, Corporate Communication Assistant, Lugano);
  • Annabel Waschuth (Mktg, 2014 – Campari, Jr. Brand Manager, Baar);
  • Kenoma Eugene Agbamu (Mktg, 2011 - VF International, Sr. Manager Strategy, Stabio);
  • Riccardo Burgaletta (MMI, 2016 - Avaloq Group, Business Analyst, Manno);
  • Edoardo Vecchi (MCS, 2016 – USI, PhD Student, Lugano);
  • Simone D'Avico (MAI, 2016 – WellD, Software Engineer, Lugano).

Via webinar:

  • Rocco Longo (MBF, 2010 - Banca IMI, Vice President Global Markets Structuring, London);
  • Manuele Raggi (Mmg, 2012 and Bachelor in Communication Sciences, 2009 – Google, Program Manager, Zurich).