Convivium "Futuro + umano" - What artificial intelligence will never be able to give us


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Date: 9 October 2019 / 18:30 - 20:00

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Human beings have a fragile and chaotic dimension, made up of whims, weaknesses and passiveness, but they also have an endless supply of curiosity, passion and ability to care. Alongside these, a third fascinating dimension uncovers unexpected solutions. The theory that guides the thoughts of Francesco Morace, sociologist and President of Future Concept Lab, is that we need to start from life itself and from the most human aspects of life to search for clues for a better world.

Solutions to problems are not defined by programming, although necessary, but by the meeting of the “principle of hope” with the “principle of responsibility”, two profound human components that cannot be reproduced by artificial intelligence. Machines cannot hope and they definitely cannot be considered responsible for their actions. In this regard, too often we forget what makes us unique and inimitable: curiosity and compassion, joy and affection, mood and character, faith and hesitation. And yet our destiny and our intelligence depend on the impenetrable ensemble of these factors, essential human qualities for a high-resolution proposal as an additional alternative to the low resolution that we must not resign ourselves to, in order to turn curiosity into taste, passion into applied talent and care into inimitable quality – also to the advantage of the destiny of our system.

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