How Can A Startup Go Global?

Il Litorale

Date: 27 September 2019 / 12:00 - 15:30

Tecnopolo Ticino, Suglio Auditorium, UBS Building, Manno

Are you a startup looking to scale beyond Switzerland and launch into new markets to accelerate your growth? Fondazione Agire is pleased to welcome swissnex Network for an exclusive event offering support and resources for Swiss startups that help them leverage opportunities within the global startup ecosystems in the USA, China, India, Brazil and the UK.

The event will include a first part open to all, during which the services of swissnex will be explained, followed by a standing networking lunch. Starting at 1.30 pm, one-on-one meetings will be held on request with the individual swissnex consultants present.

Location: Tecopolo Ticino (Suglio Auditorium, UBS Building, via Cantonale 18, Manno).  Full programme details attached.

Online registration until September 20: [click here]