Swiss research and innovation promotion agencies strengthen collaboration with Brazil under the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation

Research and Transfer Service

11 November 2019

Two memorandums of understanding were signed by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Innosuisse with their Brazilian counterparts to step up cooperation in the fields of research and innovation.

In this context, Innosuisse and its Brazilian counterpart, EMBRAPII, will promote research and development projects by offering instruments to higher education institutions and companies in both countries.

In the field of basic research, the SNSF and the Brazilian National Council of State Funding Agencies (CONFAP) have decided to support new joint activities, which could take the shape of joint research projects.

Brazil is the leading partner country for Swiss researchers in Latin America. In order to help strengthen cooperation between the two countries, Switzerland has since 2014 been able to count on swissnex, which operates in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In addition, the University of St Gallen, the leading house for cooperation with Latin America, has developed funding instruments to support research projects. swissnex and the leading house are jointly organising Academia-Industry Training (AIT), an intensive training programme on entrepreneurship for promising young Swiss and Brazilian scientists, which is also sponsored by the MCTIC.


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