Valerio Olgiati becomes the new head of the BSc1 Design Studios

Academy of Architecture

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The Graubünden architect Valerio Olgiati follows Mario Botta and Riccardo Blumer in the leadership of the first year Bachelor’s Design Studios at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture-USI.


Architecture as sense of space

The BSc1 Design Studio is a large workshop in which propaedeutic activities related to practicing architecture are produced by individual groups within an overall framework.

Starting from the upcoming September 2020, under the cultural guidance and the supervision of the internationally renowned architect Valerio Olgiati, 10 different Design Studios will host about 140 young students. The Design Studios will be led by young architects and lecturers: Mario Beeli, Sebastian Carella, Francesca D'Apuzzo, Giulia Furlan, Nathan Ghiringhelli, Romina Grillo, Andra Ionel, Georg Nickisch, Sofia Paradela de Oliveira, Patricia Ribeiroda Silva.

BSc1 students will also have the opportunity to interact with Master colleagues both during the semester and during the midterm critiques, which will take place simultaneously in a combined way.

The teaching program will also include a series of public lectures, sessions dedicated to the organizational aspects of the architect's work and to the life and work of the practicing architect.

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the fundamental experience of space, to extract a sense of it and to convey and show it in terms of design through the use of drawings and models. The didactic experience is therefore articulated in purely architectural and meaningful exercises.