SNSF supports Scholars at Risk

Research and Transfer Service

As of October 2020, the SNSF will finance SAR’s activities in Switzerland within the scope of its Scientific Exchanges funding scheme.


Funding opportunities are only available to scholars who have passed the evaluation process of Scholars at Risk and who have a hosting arrangement at an institution that is a member of SAR Switzerland.

Application process: 

The SAR headquarters in New York assesses the applications submitted by scholars and seeks a suitable placement at one of the affiliated research institutions in over 40 countries. If a Swiss institution is deemed to be a suitable host and agrees to provide sanctuary to a researcher, the new collaboration will enable the network to apply for financial support from the SNSF.

Funding and duration:

The grant can be used to cover travel and living expenses. The financial requirements should be estimated as the equivalent of a PhD or postdoc salary up to a maximum of CHF110’000.

While the grant application can specify a maximum duration of 12 months, it is possible to obtain a cost-neutral extension for up to 12 additional months, provided that the grant has not been used up and this enables a placement for longer than one year.


For further information, please contact Ms. Maurizia Ruinelli, SAR responsible at USI.