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27 January 2021

USI has been a reality for 25 years: today it counts 3,350 students from 100 countries, 5 Faculties, 10,000 alumni in the world. It is well represented in the leading international rankings and receives competitive research funds for 23 million per year. Celebrate with us!

In its 25th anniversary Università della Svizzera italiana takes the opportunity to introduce itself (or rather reintroduce itself), and to keep opening and spread its wings on the region.


Two main themes...

The main thematic threads of the anniversary, intertwined, will be two:

  • "Facciamo conoscenza", a set of editorial concepts and exhibitions, events and partnerships to get to know USI and its wealth ("facciamo conoscenza" in the sense of "let's get to know each other better") and to highlight USI contribution in the development of knowledge ("facciamo conoscenza" in the sense of "we are a workshop of knowledge");
  • "USI IS U", a set of initiatives that aim to tell the story of USI as a place of opportunities, a unique and unexpected university where everyone - with his or her own voice, curiosity, and drive - can develop his or her potential through encounter and dialogue.


...five key events...

The main events that will mark the year will be:

  • Facciamo conoScienza
    A two-day event dedicated to the dissemination of science, part of the " Facciamo conoscenza" (Let's get to know each other) theme and in synergy with an initiative of the Science and Youth Foundation.
    23-24 April, West Campus Lugano.
  • XXV Dies academicus
    The University's annual celebration will take on a unique look, representing the highlight of USI's 25th anniversary.
    8 May 2021, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano.
  • Alumni Reunion
    A reunion dedicated to all University's graduates, who are the "yous" who, over the years, have shaped USI.
    3-5 September 2021, West campus and East campus Lugano.
  • Town Festival for Est Campus
    A joint USI-SUPSI-Città di Lugano event. 
    25 September 2021, Est Campus


... and a line-up that will be gradually defined.

Over 30 events have already been selected to become part of the USI25 calendar and will be identifiable thanks to the dedicated logo, published in the photo gallery above. Professors, researchers and staff members can still submit their ideas through the form attached to this page (the second deadline has been set for 15.4.2021).

A dedicated website is under construction with the detailed schedule, preview of some of the content that shows the richness of the year that lies ahead.

  • For the "Facciamo conoscenza" thread the main event will be held on 23 and 24 April in conjunction and collaboration with the National Science and Youth Competition. In addition, we will have the opportunity to converse with a Nobel Prize winner, to celebrate our 25th anniversary in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Research Day in Human Medicine, to commemorate 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri, to (re)introduce USI as a "knowledge lab", as well as to undertake a 25-year journey in architecture with and through our Academy. We will run the first "Formula USI", we will drink several scientific coffees, we will discuss the dual relationship "convergence/distance", and we will explore the stars at L'ideatorio and the Archives of the 20th century, between words and music, to discover eight great songwriters.
  • For the "USI is U" thread, one of the highlights of the 25th anniversary will be with the reunion to which USI's 10,000 alumni are invited. We will also propose events dedicated to our staff, we will climb 25 peaks in Ticino, we will print a lexicon on USI's history, an institutional charter and a code of ethics. On February 24, we will also inaugurate "townhall meetings", a new way to engage as a community.

In 2021 there will also be room for inaugurations: that of the East Campus, of the Bellinzona Campus, of the new premises of the Library of the Academy of Architecture, and that of the USI Startup Centre.

N.B.: unexpected factors linked to the pandemic could affect the programme.


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