Moving time - Part 4: thank you USI logistics staff

From left: Sergio Lavio, Donato Gambino, Filippo Bortone (coordinator) and Lorenzo Ziglioli
From left: Sergio Lavio, Donato Gambino, Filippo Bortone (coordinator) and Lorenzo Ziglioli

Institutional Communication Service

26 February 2021

In the past few weeks, USI's logistics staff have shown their professional competence in moving the workstations of over 200 people within the West Campus. A job that required the ability to listen, expertise and helpfulness. For this final chapter on relocations, we take stock of the situation and give some figures.

A large number of moves to new buildings, classrooms, and offices involving most USI Faculties, Institutes and Services have marked the months between September 2020 and January 2021 (see Moving Time - Part I and Moving Time - Part II). The significant change, initiated after the completion of the new East Campus, was planned by Albino Zgraggen and Antoine Turner. While USI hired a specialised service company for the moves to the new East Campus, the West Campus's relocations were carried out by USI logistics staff, particularly Donato Gambino, Lorenzo Ziglioli and Filippo Bortone, with the collaboration of Marco Bianchi and Sergio Lavio.


Looking back, the work done was enormous. With what spirit did you tackle it?

Looking back on what we did, it is undoubtedly true that the amount of work was extensive. The crucial factor that allowed us to move forward, day after day, was the entire team's determination to meet the rather tight deadlines drawn up by our management. The goal of finishing some key moves by the end of December 2020 has been met in full! A result that filled us with satisfaction also achieved thanks to the auxiliary staff that supported us with professionalism.


Could you give some figures?

At the West Campus alone, over 200 people were relocated. If we estimate an average of about ten boxes for each person - many more for professors, less for doctoral students - we total over 2000 boxes handled. Let us not forget that, at the same time, the move was taken as an opportunity to renovate the premises with painting, electrical and cleaning work. And employees took the chance to eliminate unnecessary stuff: if we multiply this by the hundreds of people moved, you can imagine the number of things we threw away, recycling what we could.


How did the community react?

We have listened and tried to accommodate the requests made by those involved. Everyone has been cooperative, making our job pleasant and smooth. The renovation of most of the premises played a part in making the community happy with the changes.


What is the current situation, and how do we know where to find people who were relocated?

The new year started out downhill compared to the previous. We have continued the move smoothly and will complete the work in the coming weeks. Simultaneously, all personnel files have been updated. The new information can be searched from the USI homepage using People Search.


This brings us to the end of the series dedicated to USI relocations. These moves have led to a new configuration for the Faculties and Institutes and USI University Services. The new spaces have allowed the reorganisation of offices according to their functions, with a focus on interactions with students and areas dedicated to them. The team effort was made possible thanks to the logistics staff and collaborators' excellent coordination work who, with patience, enthusiasm and energy, gave their contribution. Thanks to everyone!