Studying psychology at USI


Institutional Communication Service

12 April 2021

The Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS) recently informed students who have decided to study psychology in Italy about the consequences of the decisions of the Federal Psychology Professions Commission (PsyCo) regarding the recognition of foreign diplomas in psychology (press release in Italian).

PsyCo has decided that the recognition of foreign university diplomas in psychology can be only granted if it is proven that the candidate is authorised to practice the profession in the foreign country in which the studies were carried out. Students shall also hold all required qualifications to make use of the protected professional title. After obtaining their Master's degree in Italy, psychology students will have to carry out a clinical practice in Italian facilities and pass the Italian State examination. The Italian practice differs from the Swiss one, where students can use the protected title already after completing university studies. An alternative for those who have earned a Bachelor in psychology in Italy (or Switzerland) is to enrol in the Master in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication offered by USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology of Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan. The Master in Cognitive Psychology focuses on interdisciplinary training in psychology, neuroscience, health communication, organisational behaviour and management. 

USI's Master programme meets the guidelines of the K-PSYCH agreement of the Swiss Psychological Society. Therefore, those who graduate will hold a master's degree in psychology that matches the standard for Swiss psychology education and will be eligible for professional practice and academic advancement like any other graduate of a KPSYCH accredited master's programme in psychology. According to the current standards for psychology education in Switzerland, only those holding a valid bachelor's degree are eligible for admission to the programme.


Interested parties have the opportunity to find out about the content of the study programme at the Online Master Info Week scheduled for 19-21 April 2021: