SNSF - NRP 80 "Covid-19 in Society"

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Submission deadline: 24 January 2022

Submission deadline: 24 January 2022 (pre-proposal)

In accordance with its government mandate, the SNSF is launching a call for the National Research Programme "Covid-19 in Society" (NRP 80).

The research programme will investigate which social dimensions and processes influenced the course of the pandemic and the resulting short-, medium- and long-term effects. In addition, it will seek to determine the relevant factors and measures that contribute to the best possible management of the pandemic in Switzerland. Another goal is to gain generalisable knowledge from the Covid-19 pandemic in order to proactively manage future pandemics.

NRP 80 is primarily aimed at researchers in the humanities and social sciences.


The research programme comprises three research modules:

Module 1: Supporting responsible behaviour

The module addresses the questions: what role does or should responsible behaviour play in ensuring adequate protection during a pandemic and how can such behaviour be supported?

Module 2: Supporting individual and collective welfare

This module focuses on how individual and collective welfare are affected during a pandemic and how both can be supported together.

Module 3: Supporting crisis management and lasting change

This module explores how to promote effective crisis management in a pandemic and which lessons from the pandemic can contribute to sustainable social development.


Funding and duration

The average budget of a project is expected to range between CHF 300,000 and CHF 500,000 and the research phase will last 3 years.


for further information please visit the official SNSF webpage or contract Ms. Janice Casarella