A volume dedicated to the East Campus architecture


Institutional Communication Service

13 December 2021

This volume traces the steps that led to the completion of this architectural project while presenting its characteristics, plans, technical data and disciplinary content.

The completion of the new East Campus in Lugano marks a milestone in the life of USI and SUPSI, but also in the transformation of the City of Lugano. The building designed by architects Simone Tocchetti and Luca Pessina is built around a large courtyard. For what reason and with what objectives? How do two influential architecture critics such as Federico Tranfa and Tibor Joanelly see the new campus? And more: what is the history of the site that hosts the new campus, and how will it further develop along the so-called "Raggio verde"? The contents of this volume will answer these and other questions, with a rich iconographic appendix that will accompany the reader in his discovery of the building and the various stages of the construction site. 


Volume information

East Campus. Lugano University Campus (2021)
Illustrated edition
ISBN-10: 8875951071
ISBN-13: 9788875951078
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