The Academic Senate appoints six Professors Emeritus


Institutional Communication Service

24 March 2022

At the last sitting of the USI Academic Senate in 2021, six Professors Emeriti were appointed in four different Faculties. These Professors, who have made crucial contributions to the development of the university, will be able to continue some of their activities at USI in an honorary capacity.

According to USI Statute (art. 38), the Senate may confer the title of Professor Emeritus to full professors who have reached retirement age upon a proposal of the Rectorate. To decide whether to propose the appointment to the Senate, a commission made up of a Pro-Rector, the Dean and a Professor of the Faculty close to the candidate's discipline is consulted. The Professor emeritus benefits from the necessary facilitations to allow the continuation of certain activities, such as access to the network, library services, and scientific information.

The Senate and the Commissions have expressed themselves decisively and strongly in favour of the following appointments, acknowledging the vital contribution of these professors to the development and the very identity of the University, with the prospect of establishing a constructive collaboration with them in the future.

Receiving the recognition of Professor Emeritus are:

As per practice, the Protocol of Decisions has been posted on the Senate platform (accessible from the platform via EduID - protocol of the 2 December 2021 sitting).