EU Missions in Horizon Europe

Research Service

14 February 2022

EU Missions are a novel instrument in Horizon Europe: they are ambitious, impact-driven actions to bring concrete solutions to some of today’s greatest challenges. EU Missions are coordinated by the EU Commissions and will operate as a portfolio of actions – such as research projects, policy measures or even legislative initiatives. 

The missions will:    

  • be bold, inspirational and widely relevant to society    
  • be clearly framed: targeted, measurable and time-bound    
  • establish impact-driven but realistic goals    
  • mobilise resources on EU, national and local levels    
  • link activities across different disciplines and different types of research and innovation    
  • make it easier for citizens to understand the value of investments in research and innovation

For further information please visit the EU Official website or contact Ms. Martina Pestoni.