Science and You(th) - science listens to young voices at USI


Institutional Communication Service

17 February 2022

The 2nd Day of Science and You(th) was held at USI Aula Magna on Wednesday, 16 February 2022. USI L'Ideatorio welcomed two classes from the middle schools of Ambrì and one from the middle schools of Pregassona to discuss two current topics: artificial intelligence and the enhancement of human capabilities through medicine. 

What is the role of artificial intelligence in our society? The students talked about the advantages and risks related to the daily use of such technology, wrapping up the morning with a moment of discussion with Prof. Dr Luca Maria Gambardella, Professor at USI Faculty of Informatics and Pro-rector of Innovation and Business Relations at USI. 

From repaired to augment man. A short theatrical performance preceded a debate simulation, collecting the students' opinions regarding the possibility of enhancing human capabilities. Not so much for aesthetic issues, but from a performance point of view: is it right to be able to run faster thanks to prosthetic legs or to enhance one's brainpower through drugs? The discussion was enriched by the participation of Prof. Dr. med. Giovanni Pedrazzini, Dean of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Head of the Cardiology Service of Cardiocentro Institute. 

The third and last encounter with the classes will take place in May. In one day, the students will continue to explore science from different points of view. 

The project "Science and You(th) - la scienza ascolta i giovani" (Science and You(th) - science listens to young voices) gives voice to young middle school students by fostering dialogue with personalities from the world of science and politics.