Women in Academia Support Lunch


Institutional Communication Service

19 December 2022

The ‘Women in Academia Support Lunch' was held on Tuesday 13 December 2022 on the West Campus in support of female doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and promoted by USI's Equal Opportunities Service.

The Equal Opportunities Service presented its main activities in the areas of work-life balance, academic career counselling, events and initiatives to promote gender equality and diversity at USI; the Academic Mentoring Programme for female researchers was also presented, whereby female researchers can be paired with a mentor of their choice, who will provide support towards the mentoring goals set (e.g. identifying the most suitable career strategy, strengthening the academic network, receiving advice on how to balance career and family life, etc.).

The lunch was also an opportunity to launch the Shadowing 2023 scholarship, which offers a person enrolled in the Mentoring programme the opportunity to spend a month at a university outside Switzerland to pursue their research and collaborate with an expert or research group in their field.

The meeting also allowed participants to learn about the research funding opportunities available to early-career researchers, thanks to Martina Pestoni from USI's Research and Transfer Service, and to listen to the advice and recommendations of Wegahta Sereke (PhD student at the Institute of Communication and Public Policy) who shared her experience as a Mentee and Shadowing grantee.