New ideas, projects or proposals for the spring semester? How to get involved


Student Corporation

24 January 2023

New ideas, projects or proposals for the spring semester? Learn about the opportunities offered by the Student Corporation to creatively contribute to enriching the students' experience on the Campuses.


  • Every Bachelor's or Master's student enrolled at USI has the opportunity, as a member of the Student Corporation, to freely submit an idea, initiative or project to the Student Council. Submit an Idea
  • Recognised student associations may submit proposals to the attention of the Student Council with the related request for financial support. One of the tasks of the Student Corporation is to support the activities of student associations thanks to the resources that the Student Corporation receives from the University to help promote students' life at USI. Submit a project.  

Deadlines for the spring semester are available on the Calendar of the Corporation!

The Student Council meets three times a semester and will discuss your proposals and their own initiatives. 

The meetings are open to the public, and students interested in attending as guests can register by contacting [email protected] (due to the limited number of places, registrations will be on a first come first served basis).  

Also, learn about the other tools available to the student community to get involved in University life:
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