CfP Bozner Gespräche zur Regionalgeschichte 2023

Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi

Date: 7 April 2023




The meeting aims to offer young historians and historians working on regional history - undergraduates, doctoral students, or postdoctoral researchers who have completed their doctorates preferably not more than 5 years ago - a platform for dialogue and an opportunity to get in touch with each other and exchange views, having the opportunity to present and submit their work (master's or doctoral theses, postdoctoral research, other ongoing or recently completed research work) for discussion. The seminar is expressly open to all periods and geographical areas of regional history. In this context, "region" is not understood as a politically or administratively predetermined territory, but rather as an open spatial category to be defined in relation to the research topic and approach. In 2023, the Bolzano Colloquia aim to draw the attention of scholars/ scholars dealing with regional history to the new impulses offered by environmental history, from the comparison of which useful opportunities for scholarly reflection may emerge.

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