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Submission deadline: 20 November 2023

Deadline: 20 November, 2023
Agora promotes interaction between scientists and the general public. It entails motivating researchers to present their ongoing studies to a non-expert audience, establishing a live exchange where researchers and the public engage in active conversations.
Grants from CHF 5.000 to CHF 200.000 are exceptionally awarded both for small communication formats and for larger-scale initiatives with greater impact. (e.g. discussions and debates, hands-on workshops, participatory science, multimedia and educational projects.)
Please note that projects with a budget lower than CHF 50,000 (Agora rolling call projects) can be submitted all year round. Funding decisions will be ​communicated within four months.
Researchers employed minimum 20% carrying out scientific research in Switzerland or with close links to Switzerland are eligible to submit an application.
The research activities, along with any scientific teaching activities, must constitute the equivalent of at least 50% FTE.​​​​
The scheme covers costs occurred by project partners, employees, subcontracting costs, expenses directly linked to the project's execution, costs for the publication and communication of the product resulting from the project in Switzerland and abroad.
Funding and duration
The budget is between CHF 5’000 to CHF 200'000 for up to 3 years.
Timeline of the call
Submission for pre-proposal:20 November 2023
Funding decision: May 2024
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