BRIDGE Discovery

Research and Transfer Service

Submission deadline: 28 February 2024

Letter of intent: 28 February, 2024
Full proposal: 13 May, 2024


  • Researchers carrying out research at a Swiss university, federal institute of technology, university of applied sciences and arts, or other research institution as defined by the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation;
  • Researchers must have the necessary skills to lead a research project independently and manage both the scientific and non-scientific staff.
  • Applications can be submitted individually or as part of a small consortium (maximum of three researchers).
  • Researchers must be employed by a Swiss research institution  with at least a 50% full-time equivalent (FTE) workload for the duration of the project.
  • Researchers must be capable of running the project independently, contributing substantially, and have access to necessary research facilities.
  • If applying as a consortium, each researcher must meet the eligibility criteria, belong to a different and independent research group, and be personally responsible for the project.

Funding and duration

  • Projects will be funded for up to four years.
  • The maximum total cost must not exceed 850,000 Swiss francs per researcher over this period.
  • Funding covers salary costs for project employees and expenses directly related to the project.
  • The budget does not include coverage for researcher salaries, although a salary supplement may be provided under certain conditions to researchers from a university of applied sciences and arts or the CSEM.

Further information
BRIDGE website
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