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Submission deadline: 8 March 2024

Deadline: 8 March, 2024

The NEURON Network has launched a joint transnational call for projects on “Bidirectional Brain-Body Interactions”.


  • Research teams from universities, non-university research organizations, hospitals, foundations, and commercial companies, especially SMEs.

  • Only transnational research projects will be funded.

  • Consortium Composition:

    • Minimum of three research partners from at least three different participating countries.
    • Maximum of five partners (six if including partners from underrepresented countries).
    • No more than two partners from the same country.
    • Gender balance is encouraged.

Involvement of early career researchers is encouraged and will be part of the evaluation.

Funding and duration
SNSF is funding CHF 1.000.000 for 3 years.
Funding is expected to start by early to mid-2025. Projects should be designed to be achievable during a maximum funding period of three years.
Timeline of the call
December 05, 2023 Preliminary Announcement of the Joint Transnational Call
January 08, 2024 Launch of the Joint Transnational Call
March08, 2024 Deadline (submission of pre-proposals) 14:00 CET
May 24, 2024 Formal invitation to submit a full proposal  
June 28, 2024 Submission deadline of full proposals 14:00 CEST
September, 2024 Peer Review Panel meeting to assess the full proposals
October 2024 Final funding decision by the CSC and start of national administrative procedures
Early 2025 Start of funding 
Further information
SNSF Website
ERA-NET Neuron website