SNSF Postdoc.Mobility will replace Advanced Postdoc.Mobility fellowhips in 2018

Research and Transfer Service

23 November 2016

In 2018 the SNSF will introduce Postdoc.Mobility, a new scheme that will replace the Advanced Postdoc.Mobility fellowships offered until now.

Postdoc.Mobility will enable young researchers in all disciplines funded by the SNSF to enhance their research profile and become more independent by carrying out a research stay abroad. Fellowships are normally awarded for a period of 24 months; a subsequent research period of 3-12 months in Switzerland might be funded.

The first call for Postdoc.Mobility fellowships will be launched on November 1st 2017, with the submission deadline of February 1st 2018. Applications may be submitted up to 3 years after obtaining the PhD, or up to 7 years after receiving a medical licence (state examination).

The final submission deadlines for Advanced Postdoc.Mobility applications will be in 2017 (1st of February and 1st of August).


Doc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility until 2020

Both Doc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility will be continued unchanged until the end of 2020 and then they will be discontinued. As of 2021, mobility funding by the SNSF at doctoral level will be limited to mobility grants in projects and at postdoctoral level to the new Postdoc.Mobility scheme outlined above.