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Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi

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The project LabEx ITEM, Innovation and Mountain Territories aims at developing research on mountain territories, with an interdisciplinary approach and in response to contemporary societal issues of these territories. It particularly questions transition and adaptation processes,  the forms and perspectives of evolution in a context of global change.

In April 2018, the LabEx ITEM will organise its 3rd International Winter School in the canton of Ticino (Switzerland) in cooperation with LabiSAlp (History of the Alps Study Centre) of the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). This meeting seeks to promote young researchers working on mountain territories in an international convivial ambiance. It offers the opportunity to develop training in research, make own ongoing or planned works known, exchange them with a comparative perspective and facilitate the cooperation within international research projects. The Winter School will be organised in the form of presentations, alternating with working groups, lectures and a field trip.

This edition is addressed to young researchers: doctoral students, post-doctoral and junior researchers, but also researchers in integration, or MA students planning on doing a PhD.

To that end, ISCAR (International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps) endorses this action. Communicators will present their projects or findings on mountain territories, from all geographic areas.

The topic is deliberately broad: it will deal with contemporary dynamics, from the perspective of humanities and social sciences, or with an interdisciplinary approach (environmental science, health science, etc.). The selection criteria will relate to the innovative character, the quality and the relevance to societal challenges. 

1.  The International Winter School – programme

The event will include plenary or parallel paper sessions, led by researchers from the LabEx and its scientific committee. Several workshops will be offered, of which: “better communicate your Phd-thesis”, or “researchers/actors relationships in the context of a partner-oriented research”. Specific times will be dedicated to interactions, in the form of dinner debates and thematic discussions. The last day will be devoted to a field trip.

The Winter School will take place in the village of Monte Carasso, in the vicinity of Bellinzona, in the Swiss canton of Ticino. Round trip collective transport will be provided from Grenoble to Monte Carasso (with potential stops on the way). The accommodation will be covered, as well as this collective transport. Given the interest of exchange and the remoteness of the accommodation, it is necessary to be present for the whole length of the Winter School.

1.  Conditions for participation

The participation will be validated after a double expertise of the paper proposals. The principal language will be English.

The paper proposal should consist of 2.500-4.000 characters. A CV should also be provided. Please send the submission forms via the “scienceconf” platform:

2.  Timeline

All submissions must be submitted prior to : December 3rd, 2017.

Results: January 15th, 2018.

All accepted submissions will be published on “Au Top!” blog ( and archived on HAL-LabEx ITEM:

After the Winter School, selected papers will be published on Carnets du LabEx ITEM:

3.  Management committee

From the LabEx ITEM partners

-      Université Grenoble-Alpes : PACTE (Politiques publiques, action politique, territoires), LARHRA Recherche historique Rhône-Alpes), SENS (Sport et Environnement social), CRJ (Centre de Recherches Juridiques)

-   Université Savoie-Mont-Blanc : EDYTEM (Environnements, Dynamiques et Territoires de la Montagne), IREGE (Institut de recherche en Gestion et en Economie)

-  IRSTEA : EMGR (Unité de recherche Ecosystèmes Montagnards)

Members : Marie-Christine Fourny (Coordinatrice du LabEx ITEM), Philipe Bourdeau, Jean-Pierre Mounet, Anne-Marie Granet-Abisset, Anne Dalmasso, Véronique Peyrache-Gadeau, Fabien Arnaud, Malek Bouahouala, Véronique Reynier, Emmanuelle George, Arnaud Cosson, François Barque, Nicolas Kada, Véronique Fabre-Bonté 

LabiSAlp represented by Luigi Lorenzetti

ISCAR represented by Thomas Scheurer

4.  Scientific committee

Claude Courlet (UGA- Université Grenoble-Alpes) – Olivier Crevoisier (UNINE- Université de Neuchâtel) – Bernard Debarbieux (UNIGE-Université De Genève) – Bernard Delay (CNRS INEE) –René Favier (UGA) – Michel Ferrary (UNIGE) –Med Kechidi (Université De Toulouse II) – Luigi Lorenzetti (USI - Università de la Svizzera Italiana), Manfred Perlik (UNIBE - Université de Berne) - Thomas Scheurer (ISCAR) - Laurent Tissot (UNINE) –François Walter (UNIGE) 

5.  Contact

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