SNSF Flexibility Grant replaces 120% support grants

Research and Transfer Service

3 January 2018

The SNSF Flexibility grants are aimed at postdocs and doctoral students who have to look after children at an important stage in their career and are therefore in need of more flexibility. The grant can provide funding to help cover the external child care costs charged to the researcher and/or can be used to help finance the salary of a support person, allowing the grantee to reduce his/her work quota.

Grants are awarded to PhD students or postdocs employed in a SNSF funded research project, as well as to PRIMA, Ambizione or Doc.CH grantees (with salary). Doctoral students are not eligible for a contribution towards a support person.

Applications may be submitted all year round via the mySNF platform.

For further information, please contact Ms. Dafne Pedrazzoli.