SNSF: New conditions for employees funded under SNSF grants

Research and Transfer Service

5 March 2018

As of 1 April 2018 new conditions for employees funded under SNSF grants enter into force in order to better accommodate the diverse practices at higher education institutions and ensure that all employees are treated equally.

The consequences for the three employee categories are the following:

  • Doctoral students can only be paid under SNSF grants for a maximum of four years starting from the actual start date of the dissertation. The existing salary scales with fixed annual increases for doctoral students are replaced by a flexible salary range.
  • No changes for postdocs (paid for a maximum of 5 years starting from the viva voce or the official acceptance of the thesis).
  • Other employees must make a specific contribution to the research project. Their salary costs may not be charged to SNSF grants uninterruptedly over a long period.

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