Master in Communication, Management and Health

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Career and Alumni Service

Federica Pedalino, Press Office Assitant at ESMO - European Society for Medical Oncology

Francesca Panico, Corporate Communication Specialist at Vifor Pharma

Elena Guggiari, Jr. Researcher at Careum School of Health/Foundation

MCMH offers a unique opportunity to have a focused and in-depth programme in the health sector while at the same time gain a broad understanding of how business and marketing functions operate.

The primary job market for candidates earning this degree is the marketing and communication functions of pharmaceutical, biotech, and insurance companies, and government and other organisations in the health sector where the combination of analytical skills and understanding of the health sector will provide a competitive advantage. The skills and knowledge obtained from the degree can also be used in many other areas such as communication, management, marketing and other market-related functions. The ultimate goal of our master's programme is to combine academic excellence and practical experience to best prepare our students for their professional life.