Innovation and start-ups at USI

While USI engages mainly in fundamental research, complying with the Swiss ‘dual’ model, it nonetheless is active in transferring research outcomes to society and fostering innovation through, in particular:

  • the Start-up Promotion Center (CP Start-up), which has contributed to the creation of 45 companies currently operating in the region, generating around 150 jobs;
  • Humabs, a successful biomedical spin-off company that collaborates with large international groups in the field;
  • the Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology which, in joint collaboration with Cardiocentro Ticino, develops new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques based on computer simulations;
  • numerous applied studies, including student field projects and other applications of academic research;
  • a series of advanced educational programs at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences for biotechnology and medical technology entrepreneurs, coordinated by CASE BioMed;
  • the encouragement of entrepreneurship with the Start-up Training programme of Innosuisse, coordinated by USI, SUPSI and CP-Start-up in Ticino;
  • the participation in the activities of the Agire Foundation.


At a glance  
Supported start-up companies 61
Start-up companies currently active in the region 45
Jobs created in the region 150
Patents filed 25
Applied studies (annual average) 80
Field projects (a.y. 2016-2017, latest data available) 29