Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master program possess soft skills that are of great value in a variety of careers, in particular logical, rhetorical and argumentative skills, the ability to analyse problems, formulate arguments, clarity and effectiveness of expression. Philosophy students constantly perform better than students in other fields in these areas, especially in verbal expression and analytic writing. Such skills are highly valued in several professions, for example in law, government, HR and business, healthcare.

Graduates of the Master program are also qualified for teaching philosophy at high school in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Graduates with high marks are well qualified to apply to the most demanding PhD programs around the world. Moreover, they will be trained within the Swiss academic network. Switzerland is committed to investing substantially in all areas of research, including philosophy. Switzerland is unusual in making available generous research grants both in universities and at the national level. The Swiss National Science Foundation awards both individual grants (such as and grants for research projects and training networks.