USI Master's at a glance

The Master of Science or Master of Arts degrees are full-time graduate-level specialisation programs (3 or 4 semesters) awarded with 90-120 ECTS points.


Master's degrees are offered in the following subject areas:

  • Humanities

Master in Architecture
Master in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana
Master in Philosophy

  • Finance

Master in Finance
Master in Financial Communication
Master in Financial Technology and Computing

  • Tourism

Master in International Tourism

  • Political economy

Master in Economia e politiche internazionali
Master in Economics (Master in Economic Policy until A.Y. 2018/19)
Master in Public Management and Policy (PMP)

  • Management and marketing

Master in Management
Master in Management and Informatics
Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy
Master in Digital Fashion Communication
Master in Corporate Communication
Master in Public Management and Policy (PMP)

  • Health studies

Master in Communication, Management and Health
Master in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication

  • Media

Master in Media Management

  • Informatics

Master in Informatics
Master in Artificial Intelligence
- Master in Software and Data Engineering
Master in Management and Informatics
Master in Financial Technology and Computing

  • Computational science

Master in Computational Science

The Master's degrees at USI are defined by their high level of specialization, leading to international careers both in the professional and academic fields. Distinguished faculty in the respective disciplines provide innovative and quality teaching with a strong interdisciplinary approach and in collaboration with local and international institutions. The direct dialogue with professors and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Univeristy are the elements that enable students to broaden their views and to define their education individually. Theory is applied in case studies and consulting projects for companies and other business entities (field project).

Study credits

All courses are awarded with ECTS points. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) guarantees that credits are compatible and transferable within all European universities. A full time academic year consists of 60 ECTS (30 credits each semester).


Admission requirements

  • General requirements

Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree from an acknowledged university. Holders of a Bachelor’s degree are admitted unconditionally to a Master’s program in the same subject area. Admission to programs in other subject areas can be subject to the addition of levelling courses, by assessement of the competent Faculty in charge of evaluating the application.

Students who have exceeded the number of attempts to pass exams (definitive failure) in any Swiss or foreign university cannot be admitted to the same Faculty or subject area (Art. 6, Regulations for admissions and enrolment).

  • Specific requirements :

Please refer to the individual Master program websites, in the 'Admissions' section (see above for the list of programs). 

Admission of candidates with academic curricula other than those indicated for each Master's program above is assessed individually. Program directors may require such candidates to include additional courses in their study plans when deemed essential for their academic curriculum.

  • Language:

Admission to English-language graduate-level (Master) programmes at USI require a good command of the English idiom. Non-English native speakers applying for such programmes, or whose previous degree was obtained in another language, are required to provide an internationally acknowledged language certificate equal to the B2 level, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (CEFR), or equivalent (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

The B2 level on the CEFR corresponds to the following scores in internationally acknowledge exams:

TOEFL Computer based: 183
Internet based: 65
Paper based: 513
Cambridge English FCE (First Certificate English)
TOEIC Listening & Reading: 785
Speaking: 150
Writing: 160

Students admitted under the above mentioned condition (with the exception for the Master in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication) must achieve a C1 competence in English within the maximum time required to obtain the Master's degree.
The level can be certified either by attending a language course offered at USI during the Fall and Spring semester, and by taking the final exam, or by providing an internationally acknowledged language certificate*.

*  The C1 level on the CEFR corresponds to the following scores in internationally acknowledge exams:

TOEFL Internet based: 100
Cambridge English CAE (Advanced certificate), grade C or above
BEC (Business English), grade C or above
TOEIC Listening & Reading: 945
Speaking: 180
Writing: 180