Geopolitical and narrative configurations of the Middle East Mediterranean region

a.a. 2020-2021


Course professors: Prof. Gilles Kepel (course director), Dr Federica Frediani
Duration: One semester (Spring)
Credits: 3 ECTS (28 hours)
Languages: Italian and English



This is an elective subject which, given the transversality of its topics, is aimed at both third-year undergraduates and Master’s students. It is recommended for students interested in international relations and in geopolitics, in narratives and in media and intercultural communication.

Current developments affecting the Middle East Mediterranean region will be examined in the context of global history and will offer an opportunity for broader considerations in the challenges of today.
This region’s constantly changing situation has a momentous impact on worldwide dynamics, as it has on Europe and its political order.
Space will also be given to the effect of the media on the narrative of this complex and heterogeneous region.

More particularly, it is suitable for students attending graduate programmes such as Public Management and Policy (PMP), Economics and International Policies (MEPIN), International Tourism, Economic Policy (MEP), Philosophy, Media Management, and Lingua, Letteratura e Civiltà italiana. Participants will be able to approach and develop the issues presented in class from their own standpoint and according to their study curricula.

Approach / Method

Professor Kepel will lecture on alternate weeks (the schedule will be pubblished later on). There will be ex-cathedra lectures combined with seminars and oral reports by students. 

Dr Frediani will teach classes on the role of narratives in the region, and will also guide and supervise students in their work.

Mode of assessment

The examination consists in writing a paper (more details at the beginnings of the course).

Bibliographical references

Gilles Kepel, Uscire dal caos, Le crisi nel Mediterraneo e nel Medio Oriente, Raffaello Cortina editore, Milano 2019.


A more detailed bibliography will be distributed during the semester.