On the 29 August 2019 has been pubblished “Uscire dal caos”, the latest book of Prof. Gilles Kepel on the crises in the Middle East Mediterranean region.

02 September 2019"Uscire dal caos" - l'ultimo libro del prof. Gilles Kepel

02 September 2019"Uscire dal caos" - ne parlano il prof. Gilles Kepel e la Dr. Federica Frediani


The new series of lectures, entitled Beyond Chaos, is devoted to the contemporary geopolitical and cultural configurations of the Middle East Mediterranean region. The title, inspired by last book of prof. Gilles Kepel, evokes the chaotic and unstable situation of the region, but it suggests new narratives and ways out to the critical issues. It includes the public lessons of prof. Kepel course and lecture by experts of the region. 

The videos of the lectures are available here: 

09 May 2019Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Hela Ouardi, La naissance du premier califat de l'Islam

18 April 2019Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Camille Schmoll, Méditerranée: des frontières à la dérive

11 April 2019Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, après Daesh entre désagrégation et recomposition

28 March 2019Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, des "Printemps arabes" au "Califat jihadiste"

14 March 2019Sortit du Chaos - Yves Ubelmann, Destruction, conservation, transmission du patrimoine dans la région MEM

07 March 2019Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, The Barrel and the Koran

28 February 2019Uscire dal caos - Carla Del Ponte, I crimini in Siria e la mia lotta per la verità

21 February 2019Sortit du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, Les crises en Méditerranée et au Moyen-Orient

Past News

Conference of Carla del Ponte for the MEM Freethinking Platform

On Thursday, 28 February Carla Del Ponte, former Chief Prosecutor of the U.N. international criminal law tribunals, will present her latest book Gli Impuniti. I crimini in Siria e la mia lotta per la verità.  In this volume, the author narrates five years of her work as a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, from which she resigned in 2017.  

Both crimes and criminals of the Syrian war, which broke out in 2011 in the aftermath of the Arab Uprisings, remain unpunished. The conference will be held in the room A-11, Università della Svizzera italiana, 6:30 pm, in the context of the series organised by the MEM Freethinking Platform Beyond chaos. Geopolitical and cultural configurations of the Middle East Mediterranean