The public conference series by political scientist and Arabist Gilles Kepel will resume at Università della Svizzera italiana with the beginning of the new semester. Kepel is Professor at USI and at École Normale Supérieure di Parigi, and his conferences will focus on the geopolitical configurations of the Middle East Mediterranean region. The lectures will tackle current issues as shown by the subject chosen for the first encounter on 20 February 2020 at 6:30 pm at USI (in Italian), which will see Prof. Kepel in conversation with the Rector of the Université Saint-Joseph of Beirut, Salim Daccache, and Prof. Michele Bernardini of the University of Naples “l'Orientale” on the current situation in Iran and Lebanon (

Salim Daccache, a Lebanese Jesuit, is the delegate of the Province of the Middle East to his general Congregation. After studying at the Saint Joseph University he was awarded a doctorate at the Sorbonne. He teaches philosophy and theology at the Saint Joseph University where he is dean of the Faculty of Religious Sciences. He also directs the Jesuit publishing house of Beirut. Since 2009 he has been director of the Centre de documentation et de recherches arabes chrétiennes of Beirut; he is director ad interim of the Institut de Lettres Orientales. From August 2012, Fr. Daccache is the Saint Joseph University rector.

Michele Bernardini is full professor of Persian language and literature and history of Iran and the Ottoman Empire at the University of Naples “l'Orientale”, where he directed the Department of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies until 2019. He is co-director, with Juergen Paul, of the Eurasia Studies journal. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Series Catalogorum and of the Istituto per l'Oriente C.A. Nallino in Rome. In 2015, he organised the International Conference of Turkish Art. His interests focus on the interactions between Turkish and Persian populations on the Iranian Plateau, in Anatolia and in Central Asia. He specialised in the figure of Tamerlane and in the Turkish-Iranian Medieval world.

Past News

On 28 October 2019, Professor Gilles Kepel set out on his Italian tour to launch his new book Uscire dal caos. Le crisi nel Mediterraneo e nel Medio Oriente.

28 October 2019 - Rome, Ambasciata di Francia presso la Santa Sede

29 October 2019 - Naples, Institut français Napoli (Gilles Kepel and Domenico Quirico)

31 October 2019 - Palermo, Aula Magna del Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza dell'Università degli studi di Palermo (Gilles Kepel, Giusto Picone, Francesco Lo Piccolo and Giorgio Scichilone)

16 November 2019 - Milan, Fondazione Corriere della sera, (Lorenzo Cremonesi and Gilles Kepel)


On the 29 August 2019 has been pubblished “Uscire dal caos”, the latest book of Prof. Gilles Kepel on the crises in the Middle East Mediterranean region.

02 September 2019"Uscire dal caos" - l'ultimo libro del prof. Gilles Kepel

02 September 2019Uscire dal caos" - ne parlano il prof. Gilles Kepel e la Dr. Federica Frediani

09 May 2019: Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Hela Ouardi, La naissance du premier califat de l'Islam

18 April 2019: Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Camille Schmoll, Méditerranée: des frontières à la dérive

11 April 2019: Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, après Daesh entre désagrégation et recomposition

28 March 2019: Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, des "Printemps arabes" au "Califat jihadiste"

14 March 2019: Sortit du Chaos - Yves Ubelmann, Destruction, conservation, transmission du patrimoine dans la région MEM

07 March 2019: Sortir du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, The Barrel and the Koran

28 February 2019: Uscire dal caos - Carla Del Ponte, I crimini in Siria e la mia lotta per la verità

21 February 2019: Sortit du Chaos - Prof. Gilles Kepel, Les crises en Méditerranée et au Moyen-Orient