Master in International Tourism

Why study the Master in International Tourism at the University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland?

  • Master the skills needed for success in the International Tourism industry using the analytical tools provided by the only Swiss Tourism University Master in English recognized by the Swiss government;
  • In this forward-thinking master's degree we combine Economics and Communication Sciences by applying their toolkits and methods to tourism in courses such as Sustainable Tourism, eTourism Technology Labs, World Heritage and Tourism;
  • Multiple field trips and tourism conferences abroad, the Study Tour Week and Field Project help you apply theory to practice;


Professional development

  • The study programme (120 ECTS / usual duration 2 years) lays a solid base while providing various opportunities to specialize yourself, such as the eTourism minor, Management minor, internship, and master thesis topic;
  • As we value talent development, via CREATETALENT we offer you the chance to get a tourism executive as personal mentor;
  • Our master's generalist approach creates the best possible conditions for a successful tourism career in a wide range of management positions.


Awarded degree

After the successful completion of the Master in International Tourism programme, students will be awarded a Master of Arts in Economics and Communication, Major in International Tourism