Master in International Tourism

Why study the Master in International Tourism at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Switzerland?

  • Master the skills needed for success in the International Tourism industry using the analytical tools provided by the only Swiss Tourism University Master in English recognized by the Swiss government;
  • In this forward-thinking master's degree we combine Economics and Communication Sciences by applying their toolkits and methods to tourism in courses such as Sustainable Tourism, eTourism Technology Labs, World Heritage and Tourism;
  • Multiple field trips and tourism conferences abroad, the Study Tour Week and Field Project help you apply theory to practice;


Professional development

  • The study programme (120 ECTS / usual duration 2 years) lays a solid base while providing various opportunities to specialize yourself, such as the eTourism minor, Management minor, internship, and master thesis topic;
  • As we value talent development, via CREATETALENT we offer you the chance to get a tourism executive as personal mentor;
  • Our master's generalist approach creates the best possible conditions for a successful tourism career in a wide range of management positions.


Awarded degree

After the successful completion of the Master in International Tourism programme, students will be awarded a Master of Arts in Economics and Communication, Major in International Tourism.


The Master in International Tourism is deeply involved in the UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites, hosted at USI, through teaching, research, internships, and thesis opportunities.