Master in Marketing

The MSc in Marketing is offered jointly by the Faculties of Communication Sciences and of Economics of the Università della Svizzera italiana, USI, situated in Lugano - Switzerland. This full-time study programme comprises 120 ECTS spread over 4 semesters (usual duration 2 years) and is entirely offered in English.

Businesses and other organizations exist to serve clients. An organization depends on its customers and suppliers for the resources it needs in order to carry out its business. Managing relationships with customers and suppliers is thus the critical task in any company and requires specific skills and knowledge in particular in management, communication and economics. The aim of this Master is to explore the various aspects of managing market relationships and thus the task of marketing in different types of organizations. The distinctive feature of the programme is the attention to specific issues, not only in marketing consumer goods, but also in the service sectors, in business-to-business and international contexts.