Project AdValue

Education, research and innovation are paramount for technical and social progress in Switzerland and thus represent the three top priorities for the higher education system in our country. In order to provide a consistent development of such priorities it is important to maintain constructive and open relations with other European countries and the European Union as a whole.

The year 2017 looks to be an important one for EU-Swiss relations: a series of referendums and popular initiatives are expected to focus on specific legislation, with outcomes that could lead to different scenarios for the future development of scientific research in Switzerland.

For this reason, swissuniversities has launched the project AdValue. Universities for an innovative Switzerland, with the purpose of raising awareness among the academic sector and the public on the importance of the issue at stake.

The discussion is enabled and kept constantly up to date on referendums with the help of a Blog that AdValue has initiated (currently available on in German and in French), available here:


For information on AdValue.