Evolution of diplomas awarded at USI

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    Arc: Academy of Architecture
    Com: Faculty of Communication Sciences
    Eco: Faculty of Economics
    Inf: Faculty of Informatics

    Note: the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is currently in its organisational phase. Therefore, as study programs are not yet offered, it has not awarded any diplomas.
    The Faculty of Informatics, which opened in 2004, awarded its first diplomas in 2006.

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    Note: USI has adopted the so-called ‘Bologna system’, in phases, since 2001. The first Bachelor’s degrees were conferred in 2004, and the first Master’s in 2005. The last pre-Bologna system undergraduate degrees (licentiate) were conferred in 2009.
    For the Executive programmes only the Executive Master / Master of Advanced Studies – MAS degrees are considered (the Certificate of Advanced Studies – CAS and the Diploma of Advanced Studies – DAS are therefore not considered)

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