Evolution of diplomas awarded at USI

Latest data available (academic year 2015-16).

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    Arc: Academy of Architecture
    Com: Faculty of Communication Sciences
    Eco: Faculty of Economics
    Inf: Faculty of Informatics

    Note: USI awarded its first degrees in the year 2000. The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences has began offering its study curricula in the academic year 2017-2018 and has not yet awarded any degrees. 
    The Faculty of Informatics, which opened in 2004, awarded its first diplomas in 2006.

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    Note: USI has adopted the so-called ‘Bologna system’, in phases, since 2001. The first Bachelor’s degrees were conferred in 2004, and the first Master’s in 2005. The last pre-Bologna system undergraduate degrees (licentiate) were conferred in 2009.
    For the Executive programmes only the Executive Master / Master of Advanced Studies – MAS degrees are considered (the Certificate of Advanced Studies – CAS and the Diploma of Advanced Studies – DAS are therefore not considered)

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