Bachelor in Medicine

According to the agreement with University of Basel, USI offers from the autumn semester 2017 15 positions for Bachelor in Medicine students.

Students can apply for these positions via swissuniversities, according to the official registration process.

The registration process includes the following steps for each applicant:


swissuniversities application deadline for registration to a medical school (registration opens end of November 2017)

March 2018

USI general admission requirements (see Regulation for the admission and matriculation at Università della Svizzera italiana) are verified for each applicant


swissuniversities application deadline for the aptitude test - As positions at Swiss medical schools are limited, all applicants applying for a position at USI are required to take an aptitude test.


Aptitude test

August 2018

USI will notify candidates on the results of the  aptitude test


The 15 students who will be admitted and matriculated at USI will attend their Bachelor in Medicine entirely at UniBas. They will be fully accepted as “host-students” at UniBas and will have equal access, study program, exams, etc. as students matriculated at UniBas. The Bachelor in Medicine at UniBas will be in German language.

By choosing USI from the beginning of the admission process, students are predetermining to continue their Master in Medicine at USI. Hence, it is not possible to claim the continuation of the Master in Medicine at UniBas.