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Annual competitive research (mil CHF, on average) 15
FNS Funding (mil CHF) 10
European Funding (mil CHF) 4
Ongoing research projects 109
Completed projects 889
Institutes 21
Academic Staff 825
of which, professors 115
of which, doctoral students 282
Conferred PhDs 345
Countries represented 62
Research partner universities and institutes 200
Countries included in USI research network 40
ERC 19
Marcel Benoist Prize 1
Dreyfus Prize 1
Robert Koch Award 1
Sanofi-Pasteur Institute Award 1


Competitive research is all research financed by funds allocated on a competitive basis by the European Union, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Swiss Innovation Agency - Innosuisse, the Swiss conference of Higher Education, by competitive foundations and other entities.   


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