Master in Artificial Intelligence

Presentation of the Master in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular areas in computer science and engineering. AI deals with intelligent behavior, learning, and adaptation in machines, robots and body-less computer programs. AI is everywhere: search engines use it to improve answers to queries, to recognize speech, to translate languages, email programs use it to filter spam, banks use it to predict exchange rates and stock markets, doctors use it to recognize tumors, robots use it to localize themselves and obstacles, autonomous cars use it to drive, video games use it to enhance the player's experience, adaptive telescopes use it to improve image quality, smartphones use it to recognize objects / faces / gestures / voices / music, etc etc.

People are discussing the possibility of superintelligence and AI risks. Big players such as Google, Amazon, Baidu, Microsoft etc are investing billions in AI, and the AI-related job market is growing extremely rapidly.

In this exciting context the first AI master in Switzerland is offered in Lugano, profiting from the competences of the Faculty of Informatics and the Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a common institute with SUPSI and one of the world's leading research institutes in this field. For example, in 2016, IDSIA got the Swiss Special ICT award for its bio-inspired research activities and one of the ten NVIDIA "Pioneers in AI research" awards.

Thomas Tiotto, PhD Candidate at University of Groningen

Bojana Pocuca, 2nd year student

João Pedro Lima De Almeida Bragança, 2nd year student

Alessio Della Libera, 2nd year student

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