USI works with a number of international, national and regional entities in its education, research and knowledge dissemination activities.

Research projects, study programmes, doctoral programmes and mobility programmes, in cooperation with universities and research centres in Switzerland and elsewhere, are coupled with applied studies, field projects carried out by students, other educational initiatives (such as internships) and events with institutions and businesses in Switzerland and abroad.

In the academic environment, the USI network is based on:

  • a series of framework agreements (particularly on education and mobility);
  • coordination of, or participation in, research platforms, such as PASC, the National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR) and the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research;
  • and above all the scientific networks of individual researchers, who communicate and work together with colleagues from all over the world on projects and publications, and as part of associations and scientific symposia.


Universities and institutions in USI network 200
Partners in Bachelor's and Master's programmes  14
Partners in PhD programmes 18
Partners in mobility programmes 100
International symposia hosted / organised jointly
(a.y. 2015-2016, latest data available)
Business and institutions involved in studies, educational initiatives and events
(a.y. 2015-2016, latest data available)



In Switzerland  
Universities and institutions in USI network  30
In particular:  
   - coordination Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC)
   - participation in the National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCR):
     NCCR RNA & Disease
     NCCR Robotica
   - participation in the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research:
   - participation in the Swiss Research Initiative in Systems Biology
   - member of the Swiss Finance Institute
   - member of the Swiss School of Public Health
   - member of the Swiss Learing Health System
   - member of the Swiss Public Administration Network  
Partners in study programmes and doctoral programmes 13
In particular:  
   - Master in Medicine working with ETH Zurich, UNIBAS and UZH on the academic side,
     and EOC, clinics and physicians for clinical training
   - coordination of the Swiss graduate programme FoMICS
   - coordination of the Confederal PhD programme in Italian Culture
   - PhD programme of the Swiss Finance Institute 
Partners in the Swiss mobility programme 11