Diritto della responsabilità civile

Faculty of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Informatics

Quality assurance

USI, through the activities of its Quality Assurance service, manages a coherent system of quality assurance, focusing on the three major fields of teaching, research, and university services.

The activities carried out by the Service during the academic year include:

  • collecting and processing statistical data on students, assistants, faculty, services and facilities;
  • teaching evaluation of all courses offered by the USI Faculties by means of an electronic system;
  • conducting annual, semi-annual or occasional satisfaction surveys on the different categories of users at USI: students, academic staff, administration staff;
  • supporting the institutional evaluation process by the Rectorate;
  • liaising with the Federal Statistical Office for the periodical collection of data on students and graduates, and for managing the university statistical system SIUS;
  • relating with the Swiss Agency for Accreditation and Quality (AAQ) and participating in the Swiss network of quality assurance (Q-Netzwerk);
  • supporting the various USI services and Faculties for information, surveys, evaluations and ad hoc statistical processing.

Head of Quality Assurance service: Michele Balmelli.