International Student Chapters Meetings


Through the International Student Chapters (at the moment there are students from over 90 different countries), USI seeks to promote networking between students and graduates from the same country and enrich – following the medieval tradition of student nations - the experience of international students at USI. It also aims to promote integration with the Alumni Chapters in the world, also for job placement purposes.

Have a look at the organized events:

International Student Chapters Date Event Details Community Alumni Chapter
IRAN 03.12.2018 Invitation 21 Students, 63 Alumni Teheran, Saman Kamran
INDIA 20.05.2019 Invitation
List of Participants
27 Students, 68 Alumni, 4 Professors TBD
CHINA 25.11.2019 Invitation
List of Participants
45 Students, 93 Alumni, 1 Professor Beijing, Meng Zhang
Hong Kong Francesco Stadler
GERMANY 02.03.2020 Invitation
List of Participants
68 Students, 258 Alumni, 24 Professors Berlino, Stéphanie Biollaz
Monaco di Baviera, Angelina Jovic
UNITED STATES TBD Invitation 18 Students, 97 Alumni, 8 Professors Boston & New York, Francesco Bortoluzzi
San Francisco, Dmitry Stavitskiy
Washington DC, Milica Vukovic-Stojković
RUSSIA TBD Invitation 23 Students, 123 Alumni, 3 Professors TBD


You are an international student here @ USI and you want to organize an International Student Chapters with your compatriots?

Do you want to take part to an event? Do you have an idea?

Don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]